You've Been Voting To Destroy Our Country - We Won't Forget That

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Commenter MarthaMyDear left a comment at where she apologized to America for voting for Barack Obama...twice.

While most of the replies MarthaMyDear received from people on-the-Right were gracious, SmartDoctor told her what a lot of Americans are thinking.

It's too late Martha...the damage is already done. 

Here's SmartDoctor's reply: 

Your stupidity, your blind adoration came close to destroying this country! And we don't know that even Trump can save it. I'm glad you see the error of your ways, but the mea culpa is just a tad late! Do you really come even close to comprehending the damage that your vote has inflicted on this Republic?

The racial hatred? The dislocation of workers? The unemployment? The ridicule your stupid vote has brought upon this country? The war footing, the atomic advances of Iran, North Korea, the enslavement of women in Africa and Afghanistan at the hands of newly enabled Islamic Jihadists? And the best you can say is that you were a fool? And that you can't look at yourself in a mirror?

How many innocent people have died, have been slaughtered because you and your ilk voted in that monster Obama? I'm sorry, but apology against humanity is NOT accepted, at least not by me. Go live with yourself, and when your children and grandchildren ask "how did this happen to us", tell them how you voted, because you liked the color of the man's skin

I am an American, not a Republican, not a Democrat (I was once), I am an American, who is scared shitttless of the prospect of a new Civil War! Who is terrified at the prospect of the breakup of the United States of America because of this man and his zombie followers.

It took me a long time to shake off my Northern Liberalism and take pride in my country. I thank George W Bush for that, in the days that followed 9/11. And with deep respect, the only thing more revolting than Obama and his robots are the Republicans in Congress who enabled him and lied to us for 6 very long years.

Personally, I truly doubt the country is going to survive, regardless of what Mr Trump does. I think the damage goes too deeply for any real "healing", whatever that might mean or entail. And no, I will never forgive the people who did this to our country. Those votes bordered on abject treason.

John McCain may be a liberal democrat in RINO clothing, but I would never accuse him of hating his country, or its voters, regardless of how unimaginably misguided they are. Make you look bad as a Republican? You don't need me to do that.
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