You Can't Blame Me I Didn't Choose To Be A Conservative

Not my fault! I'm a helpless product of my environment! You can't blame me for the horrible family and cruel society I was born into!

My parents encouraged me to read, for crying out loud! They insisted on teaching me common sense! They dragged me to wild uncivilized places where there were trees and deer and no WiFi! They stuffed me into the conformist uniforms of those hierarchical fascist pseudo-military organizations CSA and BSA!

They thrust me into museums, exposed me to natural and man-made wonders, gave me science kits for my birthday (omg!) and openly offered cash bribes for good grades.

And the indoctrination in the schools! Hours and hours every day being deluged with trivia about how people I was never gonna meet (they were all dead, for crying out loud!) raised up nations and created laws and governments. Required me to learn endless mathematical hypotheticals under the flimsy excuse that one day I might need to know which train will get me to NYC faster, or how many 4" X 6" tiles it takes to cover a floor 10' X 12' with 1/4" spacing!

Brutal involuntary servitude! I was at an impressionable age when they stopped giving me money and demanded I "earn" it with physical labor! Set the table, clear the table, rake the leaves, clean the cat box: and the concept of a living wage or even a minimum wage was completely alien to them! Their wage scale was based on some weird idea about how much the job was "worth"!

Don't blame me for how I turned out. I never had a chance....
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