You ARE A Racist

Hanson writes, "And in their wrath, online commentators ironically end up confirming stereotypes that many whites are getting angry to the point of becoming racists."

This is an acute observation . . . one whose veracity I can vouch for from personal experience. Part of what drives this, I suspect, is the fact that the "critical race theory" establishment that holds sway in academic circles tells whites--ALL whites, even those who claim to seek mutual understanding with blacks--that they are inherently and, perhaps, irredeemably "racist."...

Well, if one is told often enough that one not only IS racist but MUST by definition be "racist" (given one's evil, privileged, white subjectivity), then one is liable to begin thinking,"So what? If I'm going to be called 'racist' no matter what I do or say, then I might as well let it all hang out and begin cultivating, rather than repressing or moderating, the sentiments that the race-theorists find 'offensive.'"

We might be approaching a state of PC hyper-inflation: At some point, the charges of "racism" will become so overused that they'll lose their moral and social shock value . . . unless, of course, the government acts to shore up the weak "currency" of PC discourse by making un-PC speech legally actionable. In either case, race relations suffer greatly.



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