With 5 Eyes POTUS Can See Anything

all_seeing_eyeThe public is being played for a fool over this surveillance issue. Shock, shock that there might be surveillance of Trump and/or it would have been done by the Brits? Give me a break.

I have been an avid, voracious hobby reader of all things espionage for decades. I have read for decades of the little trick of the NSA/CIA and GCHQ/MI6, getting around domestic spying restrictions by having the other country's agencies doing the spying. 

Before Napolitano spoke, I was writing about this practice and said the Admin. would not want FISA warrants, which this practice eliminates. I, a mere hobby reader, could guess this was probably what had happened. So the shock, shock of all the pols and pundits is absurd.

The Obama Admin has to cover up not only surveillance of Trump, but probable British involvement. A mess! But NOT a shock.

Trump had been early on the GOP front-runner, he remained a loud birther, his campaign national security adviser, Flynn, was a maverick with ties he wasn't publicly disclosing and for a while Trump's campaign manager was Paul Manafort who had disclosed ties to Ukraine, a country we and the EU are meddling heavily in to drive it away from Russia and into the bosom of NATO and the EU.

Would anyone think the Obama Admin. would NOT want to intercept Trump's communications?

Note, this practice is used by all the members of the 5 Eyes Intel group, the alliance of the 5 Anglosphere countries, in place since WWII, whereby they gather the sigint Intel from all over the globe, share it with each other and collectively analyze it. An awesome capacity, but one easily misused and according to the Snowden revelations, has been.

The Canadian Parliament last year supposedly (or at least for public consumption) pulled Canada out of 5 Eyes precisely because of the spying on Canadian citizens.

I don't know whether anyone has bothered briefing Trump on 5 (4?) Eyes yet. Famously, one Australian prime minister served for 2 years before learning about it. Flynn, incidentally, would know about 5 Eyes and the reciprocal spying, as the DIA, the DoD intel agency he headed, is a participant in 5 (4?) Eyes.
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