Will You Be A Good Slave?

By not reporting the truth she is playing into the hands of these evil Islamic fruitcakes. Open your eyes people. If it is evil, try to stop it. Your life may depend on it. The life of your loved ones may depend on it.

Research Islam and find out the truth of Islam. It is not the loving faith so many claim it to be. If you are not a Muslim your are nothing to them. The Islamic Koran teaches hate for all non believers. Read the end of the Koran. Decide for yourself.

What is Shariah Law? Does it or could it effect you? Is it OK to kill your wife or daughter because they offended you or your faith? What about Gays? Is it OK to kill them because of their lifestyle?

Islam wants to spread across the globe until everyone is Islamic. This means your land, your property, or your death if necessary. They still believe in slavery.

You might make a good slave.
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Read the article http://www.wnd.com/2016/07/politician-raped-by-muslims-lies-to-cops-to-protect-them/

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