Why Would Anyone Run For Public Office?

Enough is enough! I want to advise all of you that disagree with my pick for President to learn to be respectful. I have NO problem if you disagree! However, there is a thing called respect. Apparently many do not know what that word means.

One's intelligence becomes questionable when you come on my page and imply that anyone that disagrees with you is simple minded, an idiot, and all the other ridiculous and arrogant comments people are making.

What is laughable is so many have no successes to their credit, haven't done squat to help those running for offices, haven't given a dime to a candidate, and so on. Seriously, why would any successful person run for office and put up with this crap? If you people are so smart, then why are we in the condition our country is in?

When a successful person knows that when he/she runs for office they are kicked and destroyed by YOU and the media. So, what do you normally get? You get mediocre people, and many criminals, who will win the election. Thats because so many do NOTHING but complain. 

What person wants to be destroyed? What person wants to put up with all this crap? We ask good people to come forward and then when one disagrees with them they are pounded and destroyed? Then all those that back that person are nothing more then idiots? God help you people! 

I have often though about quitting this myself. Do you really need to ask why? I like to think before I say things. Many of you should try it!



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