Why Obama calls the Islamic State ISIL

And this basically encapsulates the Obama administration's whole strategy of dealing with the Islamic State.

Muslim Supremecy Threatens Us AllTheir primary focus is on playing word games to diminish the problems their strategies have exacerbated.

The problem is highlighted by their continued use of the outdated 'ISIL' label for the Islamic State. The core leadership of IS coalesced in the early aughts in Afghanistan.

It moved into Fallujah in 2004 during the Iraq war and declared a Caliphate. Coalition forced surrounded Fallujah and went street by street and crushed into near obscurity what was then called Al Qaeda in Iraq by U.S. military command.

Obama failed to reestablish a status of forces agreement with the Iraqi Parliament and declared victory and Iraq a success and pulled U.S. troops out of Iraq for cheap, feckless political posturing during an election year. All those hard fought victories in Fallujah and the rest of Iraq were squandered as it gave Al Qaeda in Iraq leadership an opportunity to reconstitute their forces.

Operationally they were divided into two groups: ISIS and ISIL. Once they had taken large parts of north-western Iraq and north-eastern Syria they established the infrastructure to move resources between the two regions.

They unified the two splinter groups and renamed themselves to simply the Islamic State or IS.

The Obama admin continues to just keep calling them ISIL in the hopes nobody notices that the entire terror organization has grown and evolved into a far more robust organization with it's own system of government, currency, court system, and police force.

Yes, we have made some progress towards beating back IS to a degree, but those bad guys are still out there and reigning terror on large areas of Iraq, Syria, and even Libya.

The fact of the matter is that "Operation Inherit Resolve" (another farce of a word game), the Obama campaign against IS, has been dragging on for 3 years now.

But when your strategy fails to go beyond media propaganda and not actual results on the ground it's no wonder they've yet to effectively deal with these barbarians.



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