Why America's Tech Titans Support Leftists

Lets deconstruct: Why Does Facebook and the rest of silicon valley tech companies love Clinton and will do most anything to get her elected? It is all about the cash.

They invested heavily in Clinton, because they want gross expansion of the H1B Visa program to reduce wages by firing US tech workers and replacing them with H1B foreign workers secured from an Indian employee leasing firm.

These are good jobs that pay a wage that can support a family in a middle class suburban fashion at least. Silicon Valley in addition to other firms like So CAl Edison, Disney etc have been busted firing US workers to replace them with H1B visa workers.

I can vouch, I have seen one firm's tech forces go completely Indian as Americans are let go. This is a violation of the law but even the Obama dominated NLRB (National Labor Relations Board) refuses to hear the cases.

So besides the obvious fact the COO of Facebook is a woman and Hillary is a woman, it is truly about the cash and what they expect as return on the investment in Clinton. Cheap wages by globalizing the wages in their tech divisions.
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