Who'd Stop Putin If He Takes Alaska Back?

The threat from Russia and China and their expansion of their military and acquisition of new weapons, coupled with Obama's progressive reduction of the US military and cutback of weapons programs, has made the USA largely dependent upon Obama's speeches and Kerry's spongy diplomatic stances for the USA's national defense.

Putin has created a new Arctic command with a very senior officer at its helm, and is concentrating military power in the Arctic Region. Putin sent a Russian warship to the North Pole region, planted the Russian flag, and claimed the region for Russia.

If Putin demands that Alaska be returned to Russia, does anyone doubt that the UN would vote to support his claim? And if that happens, does anyone believe that Obama would actually go to war to defend Alaska?

In fact, after the Iranian "deal" debacle, does anyone believe anything that Obama says?



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Article: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/07/23/moscow-could-be-prepping-for-space-war-with-spooky-new-satellites.html

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