Who Is Globalism Good For?

Has it always been this way? No, it has not. Expecting the middle class to just lay down and take what is happening is unrealistic.

You cannot argue that globalization hasn't harmed the middle class and relatedly, small business in the US.

Has it helped the third world? Certainly.

Has it helped the multinationals? Certainly.

Has it helped the banks? Certainly.

Has it helped the well-connected political class? Certainly.

Has it helped those that live off the Wall Street casino? Certainly.

Good for them. I'm sure John and Suzie Q. Public will be comforted by that when they put their kids to sleep at night, worried about how they are going to make their house payment.

I am for 'free trade'. With that said, I do NOT think it is in the best interests of the USA to structure our trade agreements and tax policy to incentivize a $900 Billion trade deficit and 'elevate' China, India, et. al. on the backs of the American middle class.

Sorry if that seems too pedestrian to you.
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