Where Are The Graying Nags Of NOW?

Take a good look you very-modern girls of the west at the REAL patriarchy and "rape culture". The rising tide of islam is the most fierce, implacable, unforgiving patriarchy there ever was and they mean what they say about conquering the world. It makes those dorm room scary bedtime stories about Ward Clever and feminine mystique oppression children's cartoons by comparison.

But where are the graying nags of NOW and fainting girls of college clubs? What is their stance and where do they march in protest? Or would they rather avert their gaze from the real slaughter, rape and enslavement of women preferring instead the safety of scolding their own for made-up offenses and imaginary oppressions?

It's about time you very-modern girls of the west take stock and reassess which cause is real and truly worth fighting for because if ever the creeping dark night of sharia should come your way the left will not be there for you.

Just ask your "sisters" weeping under the real patriarchy and the mädchens, flickas and filles of Europe instead of those silently aiding the merciless and relentless ones striving to put you under it, too.



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