Where Are All Those Hillary Supporters Hiding

I've seen maybe 10,000 Trump yard signs and posters, maybe 5 for Hillary that weren't paid to be put up.

I've seen dozens of rallies of 10,000+ for Trump consistently during the election, one or two for Hillary

I've met dozens of avid Trump supporters, and no one who supports and defends Hillary

I have heard testimony of co-workers, former employees, and street people speak very highly of Donald and his treatment of them. Not one single positive story for Hillary.

I've seen the results of Donald's life work. His buildings, his employees, his factories, and yes, his television work as well. I can't find a Hillary supporter who can name a
single accomplishment of hers.

I've seen scandal after scandal, from the Clintons. We have proof of corruption, we have video of their cheating, and we have dead bodies, embezzlement, secret deals, and wholesale treasonous behavior, while Bezos assign 20+ special investigators to go after Trump, and all they could find was a faux groping story from 50 years ago.

If Trump doesn't win by 15% I'll be disappointed in the voting republic
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