When Will President Trump's Line-Item Veto Pass Congress?


Whatever happened to the Line-Item Veto? It's always been on the top of the conservative wish-list.  

During Obama's reign-of-terror, Republicans could blame the threat of a Presidential veto for their Line-Item Veto inaction.

Now that Republicans control both houses of Congress AND the White House -- why isn't anyone talking about the line-item veto any more? 

Why isn't passing the Line-Item Veto on the top of Paul Ryan's to-do list? Have you even heard the Line-Item Veto mentioned by ANYONE in the GOP???

If President Trump gets the Line-Item Veto through congress, he can fix many of our nation's most difficult problems -- all by himself. The Line-Item Veto would also give our career-politicians a way to blame Trump for every hard decision he makes.

So if the GOP wants to show the American people that they really heard our message this last election -- and that they are willing to change course -- the Line-Item Veto would be a great place for them to start.

Tell your Congress-Critter that if a Presidential Line-Item Veto isn't signed into law soon -- you'll remember it in 2018.  
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