When Brussels Grows A Working Brain Cell

Article 50 should be enacted immediately yes. There is no point in waiting and negotiations proper cannot begin until it is enacted so what's the hold-up?

I do not envisage an easy ride out as this article implies though. Elected politicians will not be the ones in charge of this, and the commission will want to see us punished.

So I expect tariffs and German and French businesses to suffer the most, but then that is the system they created and today still defend so let 'em have it!

After a very short while the Germans and French in particular, but the Dutch and the Irish and others too, will lobby Brussels to grow a working braincell and reach trade agreements that are actually beneficial to all sides. Eventually that may even get their way, but as I say, it's not actually up to them is it.

With just 2% of our GDP premised upon 'Common Market Access' we have the least to worry about on that score anyway.

Hello there World! It's been a while hasn't it.
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