What Went Wrong For Progressives in 2016?

"What went wrong in this election? The biggest thing is we didn't tell the stories of all Americans." What unmitigated drivel.

You (the press) are not in the business to tell stories. You are in the business to report the truth. We (the heartland Deplorables) do not need our stories to be told. We only need truth, and we have learned that truth is the last thing that will come from the MSM (a.k.a., the Dem Propaganda Ministry).

What went wrong is that you honestly believed that a foul-mouthed, greedy, power-crazed pathological liar could be sold to America as the next big narrative, the next 'story'. 

We've had the 'story' of the first black president, and that story has done great damage to our country. So now the next required Politically Correct story in the Progressive Narrative for All Things is, of course, the first woman president. Then, it will be the first homosexual/bi/lesbian president. Then, the first transgendered president. And on and on.

What went 'wrong' for you Progressives is your sheer arrogance - believing that because you said that Hillary is the next savior, all would bow down and vote for her. And your arrogance continues to be on display with your habit of mocking, ridiculing, and belittling anyone who does not recognize your Enlightenment, as you label those in the heartland who opposed Hillary as 'haters'.

That juvenile, Alinskyite tactic of name-calling is way beyond old; you should be thoroughly embarrassed that it is your only available response to electoral defeat, your knee-jerk reaction to the fact that not all in America are mesmerized by your Enlightenment.

We find Hillary, her pathological greed and lying, her foulness of spirit and hatred for the little people (as in her own Secret Service detail) to be disgusting. What we hate is the fact that Progressives throughout the country could ignore her venomous treatment of the little people, her abuse of her government position to enrich her hubby and herself, her cowardly lack of personal responsibility, and demand that she be elected simply because she has a vagina.

What went 'wrong' is your underestimating the intelligence of the American voters. Yes, there are tens of millions of Grubers ('too stupid to know better') who will believe the propaganda that flows unceasingly from the MSM cesspool drainpipe; but, fortunately, there are also tens of millions who are not little Grubers, who actually believe in and practice standards of behavior, who actually believe in a strong America, who believe a candidate should be elected on merit, not identity.

Your continued arrogance is reflected plainly in the fact that you declare that this election was an event that "went wrong." It "went wrong" only for Progressive wannabe tyrants who cannot tolerate ideas and opinions outside their own. It "went wrong" for Progressive who thought that, once again, they had pulled the wool over America's eyes.

It went right for everyone else. Those you call "the Deplorables."



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