What Globalism Really Means

The New World Order "Globalism" is NOT "FREE TRADE." NWO "Globalism" is One World Government MERCANTILISM. The intent of NAFTA and TPP/TPA is not to facilitate Free Trade but to create OWG Monopolies.

Mercantilism was a 16th to 18th century economic tyranny where Kings set up monopolies such as the East India Company where the nations protected their monopolies with Tariffs and Restrictions while subsidizing them with taxpayer funds.

They were set up as piggy-banks for the Kings and their regimes to fund their wars and Monarchies.

"Free Trade" is now an "Imposter Term" (George Berkeley) where actual free trade is abolished for a NWO Fascism. A critical look at our Export Import Bank, Farm Bill, Defense Bill and Tax Code exposes that our government is one big pay-for-play corruption scheme.

The TPP is our EU where the Globalists expand the Fascism internationally. It is for the same ends as the King's Mercantilism
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