What Difference Does It Make?

The Leftist "Progressives" seem to enjoy self-torture and mutilation. They get raped and they say; "they are not the problem". Their country is attacked by radical Muslims and they call it workplace violence...a hate crime...or they say the attackers were mentally ill.

They say; "let's get the guns off the streets to make us safer". Yet the oxygen-thief terrorists manage to get guns in areas where there is strict gun control.

The Leftists say "you're a racist, xenophobe, and a bigot" if you call for our borders to be protected and to no longer let in Muslims from terrorist supported countries.

The "Progressives" view you as a racist idiot if you don't buy into their self-destructive delusional philosophies, they would rather just throw a label on you and scream at you rather than use logic to openly debate with them.

They say, "President O'bummer has been doing a great job" as Rome is burning to the ground. They say Hillary, one of the most corrupt politicians to ever run for the presidency, will be our savior.

"What difference does it make" that U.S. soldiers and an ambassador died because of her and O'bummers negligence?

What difference does it make that they tried to blame the deaths on a U.S. citizen who supposedly incited the killings because a video he produced?

What difference does it make that Hillary lied to the families of those dead soldiers?

What difference does it make that she used a personal email server for classified documents and they ended up in the hands of hackers?

What difference does it make that 20% of her campaign funds comes from the Saudi government?

What difference does it make that her closest confidant, Huma Abedin has ties to The Muslim Brotherhood and worked for a "charitable organization" when 9/11 happened that was under investigation for terrorist ties?

What difference does it make to let in hundreds of thousands of Muslim migrants from terrorist war torn countries who want Sharia law over the Constitutional law?

What difference does it make that the O'bummer has Muslim Brotherhood members in the White House and now is out campaigning for Hillary Clinton?

What difference does it make that our country is being destroyed from within...
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