Now They Want Details

I love how "The Post" and their ilk are all tripping over themselves DEMANDING specifics - down to the smallest minutiae in regards to how this or ANY immigration plan will work. 

Altogether giving their party a full pass for six years on ANY specifics. Hope and Change was ALL they needed to hear. To this day; they cannot coherently explain (IN SPECIFICS) ANY of their leaders plans...

So tell me, SPECIFICALLY; what is Obama's economics doctrine? Or explain to me, IN SPECIFICS, what his Foreign relations doctrine is.

I wont hold my breath.

But any plan even hinted at by anyone other than a liberal is met with screeching demands for FULL SPECIFICS; right down to the font and the number of pages the legislature will have.

How sad. Which is why most people outside of the Acela Corridor hold the news media slightly above child molesters.



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