We've Passed Peak Leftism

In countries like Poland and Hungary, the left is dead. Young people are overwhelmingly conservative and they despise the old socialists. Hungary's largest left-wing daily has recently gone under, because nobody is reading it any more (it was the official mouthpiece of the old communist regime).

If you can believe it, Obama demanded that the Conservative Hungarian government bail it out using public funds! Wow, the arrogance...I think a similar process will eventually take hold in the US as well, and Trump's election, despite all the Leftist establishment bullying, is the first sign of that.

We have passed peak leftism and they will go under and become irrelevant faster than people think.  


This comment was left by Christian Koncz at Breitbart. Read more of Christian Koncz's comments at https://disqus.com/by/christiankoncz/
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