We Tried To Warn Democrats But They Just Called Us Racists

We've been trying to tell you liberals since the 90s this was going on! You kept telling us to shut up and called us names. We told you again in 2007 and all through Obama's reign. You called us racist and told us we didn't know what we were talking about.

Ronald Reagan said it best when he changed from the Democrat to the Republican party. When asked why he left the Democrat party, he said I didn't leave, the left me. That's what is happening here! They've left you! They are what liberalism is.

They've lied to you so much that you don't really know the difference.

It was the republicans who ended slavery, the republicans who fought for civil rights, the republicans who got the vote for women. It was the NRA at the request of republicans who went into the homes of blacks to help them learn how to defend themselves against attack from KKK members (an organization created by democrats/liberals).

It's finally time when the liberals in power are showing their true colors! Those who have followed them are now going to finally see what we've been telling them for years about waking up and taking notice of what they were saying and doing.

Well now they've been caught in SO many lies that anyone who claims they are not lying is just lying to themselves. It's time for the REAL racists to stand up and be accounted for! It's time for the real power mongers to stand up be seen!

In the democrat primary, you voted and it mattered NOT! That entire vote from coast to coast, border to border was a complete scam! Hillary had been decided before the first vote was ever cast. On the republican side, our vote counted! We shocked the hell out of the system by electing someone they didn't want!

Show them they don't own you! Change party now!

Put them all in a state of shock! Let them see a mass exodus from the party and maybe then they will understand that WE THE PEOPLE are taking our country back!
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