We're Starting Anarchy Here

The problem is that none of this is even going to matter. The reason you are on this website viewing these videos is because you already know Team Clinton is dirty, dishonest and committing voter fraud.

That's why I'm here too. I can't stand Hillary Clinton and completely fear what she will do to this country when elected President.

CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS or NBC - the list goes on and on - they're not going to cover this in detail. Okay, CNN ran one segment and he made it sound like this is all editing. Anyway, this isn't going to run repeatedly on those networks so there is not going to be a single Hillary Clinton supporter who scratches their head and says, "Wow...They were right. All this time, they've been right about the Democrats. I can't support people who do things like this." Nope. Clinton won't lose a single vote over this damning evidence.

Earlier I said "when" she is elected President because I truly believe the fix is already in place. That's one of the reasons the guy in the video said, "Well, not this election..." That's because they don't need any more voters being bussed around from state to state. The election results have already been decided. I literally cry for the future of this once great nation.

And make no mistake. There are people just as crooked on the Republican side, too. I believe there are 10 times more on the Democratic side, but there are plenty of evil Republican supporters too. Shit, just look at how many Republicans turned their backs on Trump before we even had our Primary Elections.

Donald Trump is receiving no support whatsoever. Why? Because even the Republicans fear an "outsider" becoming President. Because then all their dirty little secrets could and would be exposed.

They are not going to let Donald win. That's why you see stories running on every news outlet, including FoxNews, talking about "Donald the sexual assaulter". Well, there is no proof he ever assaulted anyone. He spoke like a typical guy speaks when he's around the boys. Believe me, I've said much, much worse. It doesn't mean I've actually done anything or that I don't treat women equally. Of course I do.

Anyway, they'll re-run these stories for days! Here we have actual proof of voter fraud and it will get no attention that could help this news reach the masses.

We're here because we already know the game is rigged. We need millions more to open their eyes.
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