We're Done With The Old GOP

In about 35 days I will no longer be a "Republican." These political elites are simply out for their own power and could care less about the people they are elected to represent.

I consider any of those so-called "Republicans" who won't back the party's only chance at the White House to be traitors and may be lower than the Dims themselves. At least the Dims stick together like horse shit on a road. The "Republicans" are only trying to save their own positions.

I saw Ryan make the statement that everyone should do what's "right for them," including him and that he wouldn't be supporting Trump. That's interesting in that the bastard is telling us that he could care less about anyone but himself.

So, I'll treat all the selfish bastards as they should be treated.

If there is still a Republic after this election, I'm going to become very active politically. I'll make it my life's work to get even with all of the traitors who put themselves before all others. Hopefully they'll all be streeted.

I'm 56, retired, and have lots of time on my hands. I have kids, grand kids, family and friends that I want to see live free and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

These traitorous bastards don't care what happens to anyone as long as they retain their power. I'm gonna make it hard for them to do so and out them every chance I get!

I know, I'm Deplorable!
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