We Need A Party On-The-Right That's Willing To Fight

America Needs A Right Wing Party

The Left seems to be protected by a force-field from any legal action at all, ever.

No matter how many times some Leftie is caught lying, cheating, leaking, stealing, taking bribes from foreign powers, or committing treason, nothing is ever done.

If Nixon had simply put John Kerry in the brig for aiding and abetting the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong negotiators at the Paris Peace Conference, while still under the UCMJ, look at all the trouble we would've been spared.

Hillary was guilty as hell -- why isn't she under indictment right now? Yes, Clapper lied. What do I hear? Crickets.

The US Left has forced a US President (and, before him, his Vice-President, reversing entirely the 1972 Election) from office. Illegal-alien votes forced Bob Dornan from his Congressional seat, and the RINO Congress didn't even challenge Senora Chiquita Sanchez's seating in the House.

But Scooter Libby spent jail time for nothing in the Plame Game. Pathetic! But that's what happens when there is no Right-wing party for voters to run to when the country's going down the drain.

Even European voters have the chance to vote for a Right-wing party which is on their side (which is what "Right-wing" means). In the US, Americans have no party which represents their/our interests to vote for.

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