We Need A Constitutional Amendment To Restrain The Bureaucracy


A Convention of the States under Article V needs to consider the THE BUREAUCRACY AMENDMENT:

1-BEING UNELECTED, all Agency and Department employees (bureaucrats), appointed under the Constitution or hired under Congressional law, are SERVANTS OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. It is their task to carry out Congressional mandates and Presidential decisions. It is NOT their task to create NEW LAW.

2-CONGRESSIONAL VETO - All Agency, Bureau, or Department rules and regulations MUST have Congressional approval before such rules and regulations go into effect. Congressional action in this matter is not subject to Presidential veto.

3-Congress may strike down any Department, Agency, Bureau rule or regulation by majority vote. Such an action isn't subject to Presidential veto.

4-SUNSET PROVISION - All Agency, Bureau, or Department rules and regulations must be renewed every ten years by Congress or expire forever.

5-RECHARTER PROVISION - Except for the DEPARTMENTS OF STATE, DEFENSE, TREASURY, JUSTICE, all Agencies, Bureaus and Departments must have their charters
renewed every fifteen years or expire forever. However, Congress, by a vote of three/fifths, may exempt additional departments, bureaus and agencies from this recharter provision.

6-The use of extra-ordinary officials (Czars) appointed by the President, who in turn supervise or actually run the Agencies, Bureaus and Departments, to avoid the required approval by the Senate is hereby prohibited.

7-REMOVAL PROVISIONS - All Agency and Department Presidential Appointees shall be subject to the impeachment process of Congress, or due to just cause, be fired from their position by the President.

8-CIVIL SERVICE - All Agency and Department Bureaucrats, not appointed by the President and approved by Congress, shall be subject to a review every ten years. If the person in question is not reappointed or their contract approved by
Congress, their employment is terminated.

9-REASONS FOR SUSPENSION - Any bureaucrat, whose actions violate the codes of conduct as established by Congress and;

  • who engages in leaking classified information to the public media without authorization; 
  • who creates secret accounts to hide their actions from official scrutiny; 
  • who destroys or alters public documents or records; 
  • who initiates or participates in actions that do harm to the nation or its citizens or their rights; 
  • who makes wrongful expenditures of public monies for anything beyond what is required to fulfill their mandate; 
  • who attempts to cover up illegal behavior or invokes the protection of the Fifth Amendment;

That individual shall be automatically suspended until a board of inquiry determines whether the individual's action(s) warrants dismissal. Should the individual be dismissed, their case shall be immediately referred to the Justice Department.

10-Any bureaucrat discovered to be working for some domestic or foreign entity, providing special treatment; or found to have accepted bribes or other favors, shall be immediately suspended until a board of inquiry determines whether such action(s) warrant dismissal. Upon dismissal, their case shall be immediately referred to the Justice Department.

11-IMMEDIATE TERMINATION - Refusal to carry out the executive decisions of the President or Congressional directives shall result in immediate termination.

12-PROTECTION -The individual who is suspended or has been terminated shall be accorded the rights of due process. During a suspension, an individual shall be paid their contracted salary. That individual may sue in federal court if the individual believes he/she was wrongfully dismissed.

13-WHISTLEBLOWERS - If a bureaucrat discovers that individuals or groups within the his/her department, bureau or agency are concealing evidence of a crime or action harmful to the citizens of the country and after trying to alert the proper authorities to these actions, leak these information, after being suspended, they shall make their case before a board on inquiry, during with the rights of due process shall be adhered to.

Upon investigation, should their information prove to be true, they shall be exonerated. They shall be protected against acts of retaliation by higher ups within the bureaucracy due to their revelations of harmful or unlawful bureaucratic activities.

14 -PROHIBITION AGAINST ORGANIZING - As the employer of those within the Federal Bureaucracy is the citizens of the United States, membership in any labor organization representing the employees shall strictly be prohibited.

15-Any individual working for the government that tries to organize any such agency or any work stoppage shall be subject to immediate termination.

16-Any strikes. work stoppages by bureaucrats against the government and people of the United States shall result in immediate termination.

You want reform????? 

This covers the vast majority of abuses by the federal bureaucracy, particularly over the last 8 years, when it was wielded as a weapon against the American people and a way to IMPOSE the Obama Agenda upon us, in an attempt to run around Congress.

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