We Must Demand More From Our Politicians

Sometimes the lesser of two evils is unavoidable provided, of course, that one is actually less evil than the other.

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Beyond that, I do not ever expect to be able to vote for any “perfect” candidate. I don’t believe it possible because we’re all different in our beliefs and priorities.

That said, I agree, there have been times when the choice really was no choice at all and I marked the R ballot out of habit or general principle and that’s a habit I intend to break.

It’s as much because I’ve come to realize the real problem as anything else. 

The real problem, as I see it, is that our legislators have simply become what we expect them to be. In our cynicism we’ve come to believe that nobody runs for public office for any higher reason than personal gain.

Sure, we still expect them, well until recently, to mouth the words we want to hear and give some show of integrity but, we no longer expect them to fit within our ideals. 

In the end who we have governing is exactly who we’ve raised to the position and any hope we have of changing the current model is to, as a nation, demand better and actually mean it to the point of replacing all of those who disappoint us at our earliest opportunity. 

Unfortunately, given the current divide and animosity between the two major parties, I don’t expect this to progress very much, if at all in my lifetime. 

So, I’ll keep my dignity, stick to my own principles, and encourage as many as I can to do the same. 

It’s a dream, I know but, so much better than simply bitching about how bad things are and hoping someone comes along with a magic bean or something to make everything good again.
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