We Could Defeat Islamic Extremism If We Had The Will


IceCube wrote: "This stupidity just irritates me so much and makes my blood boil, I just hope that this evil monster EU will collapse, but by then it will most probably be too late, the cancer is already inside, breeding and spreading.

And getting rid of it will be well mmm lets just say it took Spain only 800 years to recover and get rid of this pest. So judging by history and if we use the cancer analogy I fear it will be almost impossible."

Well here's some good news. Unlike the middle ages, the West has a ridiculously superior military capability compared to the islamic hordes of 2016.

In Europe, nearly every country has their own military industrial complex: tanks, planes, ships, helicopters, armies, navies, air forces, more guns than you can count.

The islamic invaders are little more than a mass of human flesh; they have SOME pistols and rifles, but not even close to enough of them to go around to every fighting age male.

islam is essentially a GNAT that the DOG is afraid to swat away. And no DOG is afraid of a GNAT, so there's clue number 10,498 that this whole invasion of islam is orchestrated by the political-class.

The ONLY thing preventing Europe from kicking ALL the Muzzees out of Europe is the political WILL to do it.

They could do it in a few weeks.

But that won't happen until the treasonous leaders of the Western nations are overthrown.

Things are ridiculously far from hopeless, but the intentional and purposeful INACTION by the government is certainly intended to make people FEEL hopeless AND helpless.

It is true that if they continue to do nothing, eventually the 'host countries' would be overcome by the deadly toxic islam virus. The sane people will step in before that, but it is tragic to wait until things are desperate to do something about it, when action should already have been taken YEARS ago.

The REAL problem is the treasonous leadership that is FACILITATING the invasion of islamic barbarians, putting their own people in great danger and violating their duties and obligations to their Constitutions and the greatest duty of any leader, to protect and defend the People and the sovereign nation.

They should all be swinging like Mussolini.

The way to defeat islam is to expose the violent, sadistic and perverse teachings of islam and the atrocities committed by Mohammed to the whole world, so that the whole world is properly repulsed and rejects islam openly.

This is not even a difficult thing to do. Consider the technology, and the experience we already have with shaming and political-correctness.

Imagine if the West ever got serious, and engaged in the propaganda war which islam is daily engaged in against the West? Islam has been in all-out war, including propaganda war, against the West for at least 30 years, and we're not even fighting back (yet).

Not only are we not fighting back, our own political-class and mass-media are assisting (aiding and abetting, excusing and enabling) the enemy.

It's HARD for the Leftist news media and political-class to keep berating people to be tolerant of islam, when islam is so obviously, hyper-violently intolerant of anything that is not islam. It is cognitive dissonance on steroids.

Imagine how easy it would be to turn the public AGAINST Islam, which is the NATURAL reaction any normal human being has toward the atrocity of Islam?

The powers that be KNOW that, which is why their first response to every atrocity of islam is to trot out the 'backlash' narrative to quell any natural, human reaction AGAINST Islam.

Imagine if every TV news report on Islamic attacks was accompanied by a brief review of the Koranic verses which authorized that atrocity, and a strong condemnation of Islam by the reporter, as the reporter would do to any other criminal atrocity. Imagine if every Facebook page and social media outlet focused on the atrocities of islam, rather than making excuses for it?

The only thing that is preventing these things from happening right now, right this moment, is the political WILL to do it.

That's it. Nothing more.

Imagine the international peer-pressure and condemnation that could be brought to bear against this horrific and barbaric ideology of Islam, which cannot even be defended with its own Authoritative texts, texts which — when exposed — would only heap more shame upon those who follow them?

Islam would rightly assume its deserved worldwide pariah status in months. People would abandon Islam by the hundreds of millions rather than be associated with such a heinous belief system, once it was exposed in the full light of day.

After nearly 1,400 years of trying for the bottom rung of humanity — and missing even that — has Islam not truly earned the right to be stigmatized as being worse, by many orders of magnitude, than Nazism ever was?

If there is a better or more comprehensive every day in-your-face example of man's inhumanity to man than Islam... what would that be?

Looked at another way, if Satan was creating a religion, what would he add, that Islam does not already do?

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