Using 1990's Campaign Tactics In 2016 Cost Hillary Clinton The Election

Ah the tears! Face it, the veil was pulled on all the usual sleazy tactics of the Democratic Party, and the silent majority wasn't putting up with it anymore.

The tricks; the bait-and-switches; the narratives; the media collusion; the character defamations; the, "well I have to say that to appease (insert target audience here)"... none of that worked this time. Why? Because you were running a 1990’s style campaign in 2016. What did you expect? You couldn’t compete.

Not only are you running a campaign in a world where every interview or television appearance since the dawn of modern recordings can be accessed at a click of a mouse, you are also dealing with very savvy voters. All the students from the past twenty years that you forced to take overrated PC classes in college learned about those tricks and tactics.

Yes, your intent was they hone those skills to sniff out the GOP, but it backfired! You seemed to forget they could turn back the microscope on you, and boy did they ever! There wasn’t enough Republican voters to give Trump the momentum he had. He gained that momentum when all those former students used the skills you taught them to investigate why their beloved Bernie was passed up. And what they found pissed them off.

Those pissed off voters are what killed your campaign. And you’re surprised by this? You can hate Trump for a lot of things (it’s easy to do), but one thing you can't fault him for is his savvy campaign techniques. When grumbles started surfacing in the underbelly of the internet, when those Bernie Bros were hurt and looking for answers, he stepped in.

Trump owned social media when Hillary ignored it. Relying on 1990 campaign tactics was a huge mistake.
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