Unwittingly Worshiping Authority

All of what you say was done in ancient Rome, over a Millenia ago. Corruption, destruction of what was good and where did the expression "quid pro quo" come from again? I'm not arguing against you, but with you. Plus Ca Change, Plus C'est La Meme-Chose.

The human genome seems impervious to learning. Fight for a free society, corrupt it until it glows with tyranny, revolution, killing, lather, rinse, repeat...

The people of earth will always game any system to their advantage. Then there is the paradigm of the few at the top and the many at the bottom.

Nature seems to abhor the middle class, as the United States seems to have been the only nation in the world to have one so large. But the bastards in DC saw that as a great cash-cow rather than the backbone of a productive nation.

Then there are those who unwittingly worship authority. To me it's disgusting but there is that segment of the population that actually wants royalty.

My mother is fascinated by TV shows of the royals in the UK....I refuse to chat with her about it because of all it stands for. A legacy of oppression that was usurped by a practical form of government...which STILL affords the royalty a voice. Sheesh.

There will always be those who declare themselves emperors, betters, superiors, etc.

In reality they are no better than anyone else; They just feel the need, not to elevate themselves but to suppress others. A human failing...common in all generations but through discipline and self-understanding of one's own weaknesses, can be avoided.

We are currently governed by "better-thans" and it sucks out loud.



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