Unchecked Immigration Hurts All Americans


If you flood the country with unskilled, uneducated workers it drives low skilled wages down and low skilled joblessness up. This hurts minorities the most.

Also they consume more taxpayer funded services than they pay for so the productive citizens pay for them. 

And if 11 million is okay then why not 111 million? or 1 billion? 

Isn’t it unfair that it’s mostly citizens of poor countries that live near our border that get to live and work here illegally? What about the other 3 billion people across the globe that live in poverty? 

Shouldn’t they be allowed to come to the US illegally and work unskilled jobs and consume government services? 

What about the impact on our school system? Don’t they divert educational resources to English learners. California where I live is near the bottom of the school system in a large part because of the flood of English learners. 

Doesn’t millions of more people lead to more traffic, more need to develop land that would otherwise remain in it’s natural state. Didn’t think this one through did you? 
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