UN Releases Plan For Unlimited Migration

The UN's 'New Urban Agenda' was unveiled in Quito, Ecuador, at the so-called Habitat III conference. Supported by Hillary Clinton, the plan calls for unlimited migration across open borders.

“This meshes perfectly with the New Globalism and its dream of a world without borders. Anything can be done in the name of a ‘sustainable’ future, including the ‘humanitarian’ invasion of a sovereign state – but only if its leaders embrace the same left-progressive philosophy as the bureaucracies headquartered in New York. This makes a Hillary Clinton presidency even more foreboding.”

“The leftist-progressive philosophy is the fertilizer. Agencies sprout and grow, and bring forth policy confabs like Habitat III. The conferences then produce white papers that ultimately become the source of policies. It is a leftist-progressivist dream.”

“Sustainability” is a code word for regulatory authority, Henley said, and that is the suffocating vine that chokes out everything else. "This is the big picture of which Habitat III and its New Urban Agenda is a part.”

-- Wallace Henley, Journalist, author of “God and Churchhill,”
Read the article at http://www.wnd.com/2016/10/u-n-goes-all-in-for-unlimited-migration/
Read the conference info https://www2.habitat3.org/bitcache/97ced11dcecef85d41f74043195e5472836f6291

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