Ubiquitous Cameras Can Help Us Fight Political Corruption

Um James, why do you think states like Illinois criminalize hidden cameras, and have made recording people in secret as you so often do a criminal action?

They did so long ago, with simple audio recording equipment to hide their very real corruption.

I love your piece and agree with everything you said. Government officials should not ever fear being recorded because they should want everyone to see what a great and honest job they are doing for us in elected positions.

However, the truth is, they are the very folks who do not want anything cleaned up. They love the mess, revel in it and pour more mess on top of what they already tossed around. They view it as job security.

It is indeed time to shed the light of live-streaming + hidden cameras on to every politician.

I suggest to you that every media hack needs the same treatment. Paparazzi has a whole new meaning, and direction. Celebrity? Nah, the targets of the remaining 20 teens and the 2020's has to be government and media hacks that have so damaged this country for their own personal gain.

The question becomes, then, which comes first? The shining light of technology and average joe users making it brighter every day
or the hucksters managing to start a race war WITH that very technology before the light is bright enough to stop it?
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