Tyranny's Watch Dogs Have Switched Sides

The Fourth Estate the Forefathers added to fight tyranny of government - is dead!

This is the era of "non-news", the era of loss of integrity, honesty and truth in what Americans are presented with by the media, our government and politicians. 

We have the Benghazi CIA post people - quarantined - never hearing from them - what happened?

We have the FBI taking "silent oaths, non-disclosure statements" regarding the investigation of Hillary and the home server/classified material.

We have interviews with Katie Couric - changed and doctored.

We have the State Dept. and the White House "editing" and "deleting" material.

It is amazing that any information or news filters down to the voter.

However - Americans are of a different breed - they don't accept or follow (for the most part) feckless, self-serving and destructive people. Trump "triumphs" not because of them, but in spite of them.

We do have a chance to change things - and not as Obama tried to pull on us, rather to return us to where a Republic Is our form of government, not Oligarchy.
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