Turkey Threatens To Invade Europe


Erdogan is one of those type dictators that screams a lot and does anything he wants until he is stopped.
About the recent diplomatic row in the Netherlands: Turkish officials tried to enter and reach the Consulate after being warned not to come. Basically they were "persona non grata".

No sovereign country is obliged to let some official enter their territory, the rules for diplomatic immunity only apply for those diplomats already inside.

Also the two Turkish ministers were not part of any official diplomatic mission, they were just there to promote Erdogan in the coming referendum in Turkey, which is supposed to give the usurper even more power.

Like a bull in a porcelain shop, Erdogan's goons trampled the carefully built up relations between the dutch and the Turkish-dutch. There's an Association Treaty from 1963, that allows Turkish citizens to have two passports, and be Turkish and dutch citizens both.

That is, I think the main cause of this whole confused Turkish action; they thought they could muscle themselves into the Netherlands and then make such a row, that the dutch would have to retreat.

So a member of parliament called for disbanding this treaty, effectively making the Dutch-Turkish citizens choose. Another called for more appeasement but with Turkey backtracking on this (paid for) refugee deal, I guess it's obvious the guy's an idiot (Groen Links). IMO this whole thing is fallout from another stupid globalist play.

Which country allows another to campaign so blatantly inside it's borders, 5 days before a main election?

This part of the dutch turks really act like they're shitting on the dutch. A lot of goodwill has been destroyed. The dutch turks were warned last summer, when they displayed affiliation to Erdogan, waving Turkish flags in dutch cities.

The deal about the refugees always has been a bad one. The Syrians fleeing their country aren't really friends with the turks.
And as anyone could read here, on ZeroHedge, Erdogan supported ISIS for a long time.

As a dutch guy, I'd say Erdogan is right calling our leaders fascist. And he's a piece of shit that attacked us and destroyed the relations between our countries. So f*ck him and the horse he rode in on. And f*ck these idiot turks, that have profited just as much as the dutch elite have.

F*ck their blatant racism, their mistaken idea of being superior. F*ck their unprovoked aggression. And f*ck their intolerance against turks that don't support Erdogan.

I remember Gezi Park.



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