Turkey's Night Of The Long Knives

Unfortunately, you don't have to go too far back in history to see parallels in what is happening in Turkey to what happened in Germany in the late 1920s through to 1945.

Weak opposition in the CHP, MHP and smaller opposition parties means that the ruling AK party can push the 'leaders' agenda through without much of a nod to democratic debate. The big honcho even has a mustache for heaven sake!

Mosques and Imams broadcasting the 'leaders' dictat from loud speakers reminds one of Dr Paul Josef Goebbels screaming from the Volksempfanger that used to sit in the parlour of every good German household.

Smashing of church windows akin to that of Kristallnacht, people quietly disappearing into Nacht und Neubel (Night and Fog), military schools being replaced by a latter day Napola type schools.

Night of the Long Knives bears a remarkable resemblance to the recent purge of the military and the takeover of Turkish Intelligence Service MIT seems like a re-enactment of The Frau Solf Tea Party but I can't quite make up my mind who plays the part of Ernst Kaltenbrunner in the sequel, I am sure all will become clear very soon.

Despite all this we do not have an obvious single Chamberlain, Daladier or for that matter Quisling to step up and take the part of appeaser in this re-enactment of history because their isn't just one candidate, there is a whole room full. Merkel, Hollande, May, Renzi, with Obama and Clinton making up the entire trumpet section.

Even Putin hasn't learned from history with a planned meeting with 'the leader' next week (shades of Molotov and Ribbentrop here) and oh how his people suffered from the hands of both internal and external despots during the same period.

In the words of the old Maurice Chevalier song I echo his words when I say 'I'm glad I'm not young anymore' but then again Maurice Chevalier was a collaborator as well.
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