Trumpism Is The Only Thing That Can Save America

Trump is not too extreme for America. 'Trumpism' is the only basis upon which America can survive. You have hispanic GOP evangelicals saying Trump must change and disavow deportations.

You have the GOP Senate saying they could impeach him if he acts alone, when of course they'd never work together with him. You have the so-called righty blogosphere masturbating to Cruz and getting the vapors over Trump.

Here are the facts:

- Without Trump's wall and deportation plan, America will go blue, permanently
- Without Trumps temp ban on immigration, we will be subjected to relentless Islamic terror
- Without Trump's America first trade policy, we will continue to lose jobs
- Without Trump's America first foreign policy, we will end up in a world war, which we will lose because we don't have a population or an economy to support it.
- Without Trump in office, the Supreme Court will be lost for 30 years. Is it not bad enough already? How are you going to like seeing the 2nd amendment gone with no recourse once FL and TX turn blue?

Get a clue righties. Anyone within a mile of being right of center is insane not to support Trump.

All these Rs are acting like Trump is too extreme. The truth is, he's offering solutions that are the BASIC BUILDING BLOCKS of a nation.

If we can't bear to see him win, we are going to have to face the fact that we are completely done as country, let alone a world power.
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