Donald Trump Won Because No One Else Had The Guts To Do It

Someone is saying the right things about the wrong things we all see. So tell me, are you enjoying those clips of protestors waving Mexican flags and burning America's flag? Make your morning coffee a bit bitter? It oughta.

As much as Donald Trump thinks it's all about him, it's not. It's about the middle class ... the ignored, taken-for-granted, neglected, abused, dismissed, and screwed over middle class.

And now, now it's about these indignant idiots who think they have the right to smother speech and maim folks who speak their minds. Millions of us know what's happened but Trump has claimed the public face of the Great Dissatisfaction. No one had the guts to say what had to be said. 

The middle class is sick that their government has become aligned with the wealthy, know-it-all class that brow beats them into health plans no one wants, schools that no longer represent their values, and then displays great sympathies for fringe groups that mock the middle class for values they have held since the country was founded.

Now ... with this gender-bending, bathroom nonsense ... they're putting our children and wives in the midst of their weirdness ... and we're the intolerant bigots because we won't join in with their Twilight Zone jamborees.

The middle class is the proverbial fall guy for the ever-aggrieved crowds of ever-offended gays, the gender-confused, and militant blacks who bitch non-stop, but who never stop for a gaze in the self-revealing mirror.

Colleges smother free speech and manufacture micro-aggressions ... which are slights no one sees but a few pant-loads. Middle class folks seeking a better life have to pay an extortion tax disguised as tuition in order to see their futures grow while digging a deep hole of debt at the same time.

They're sick of paying for every imaginable nonsense program ... and seldom ever seeing a government effort to support the middle class backbone of this nation. Their bumper-sticker reads: "Taken for granted ... and ... Taken to the cleaners".

They're burdened with the cost of millions of illegals and told they're racists and xenophobes if they don't embrace them and fund their comfort with their own hard-earned dollars. They see the porous borders and a president waving in hordes of could-be jihadists because he wants to cure us of a phobia none of us have.

Meanwhile ... congress stands by like useless ornaments.

They’re irritated by snotty elites commanding them to do this or say that or think whatever ... all the while doing as they please. They loathe snobs like the Hollyweirdos who bash us about climate change while zipping around the planet on yachts or jets. Nothing has provoked more middle class anger than political correctness.

They're sick of lying presidents, lying state officials, and lying senators and lying representatives. They loathe lying business moguls and lying academics. They don't believe the lying media ... at all. They're just sick of lies. Non-stop lies.

They're dumbfounded that the Great Recession never brought about a single arrest or prosecution of an upper-crust financier. Not one. And that nearly all of the generous relief made its way to those who actually caused the mess.

That's why we are in the midst of a revolution masquerading as an election. And look at the here and now. Protesters armed with Mexican flags … causing mayhem because someone had the audacity to point out that many of them have broken our laws, clogged our schools, crowded our prisons, and drained our treasury.

We’re the ones that should be offended … but that’s not today’s reality. Who made this sick logic acceptable?

I'm not surprised that Donald Trump is in this moment. I'm actually surprised it took so long for this revolt to come together. And for extra measure ... I dare him to make America great again.

The great irony is that Trump's spotlight could have been earned by dozens of others ... from either political party. But no one else had the guts to disturb what's disturbed us all for a long, long while.

The present was born of the past. It always is.
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