Will President Trump Name The Muslim Brotherhood A Terrorist Organization?

“President Sisi of Egypt is a very devout Muslim himself, but he is calling for reformation and progressiveness in the Islamic message. He is the one who said we have to part with the idea that for 1.6 billion Muslims to live we have to kill [or convert] the 6 billion non-Muslims."

"We are not talking about reformation right now. We are talking about working with those who have it in their minds that they are willing to take that step. Give them the power to make their own reformation, based on sincere and honest intentions. And there are millions out there with them."

"It is not only that we allowed the Muslim Brotherhood into the U.S. and into White House, but for the last 20 years America has denied those progressive Muslims a stage where their voices could be heard.”

--- Dr. Mark Christian, a former imam who grew up in Cairo, Egypt, the son of a prominent Muslim Brotherhood operative



Read the complete article at http://www.wnd.com/2016/11/trump-gets-tough-looks-to-ban-muslim-brotherhood/

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