Trump's Historic Opportunity To Rebalance The Supreme Court

I'm of the opinion that, should Trump be elected, he will have grounds for removing at least Two sitting Supreme Court Justices for violation of the conditions that allow them to continue to serve.

Unlike the general opinion, Supreme Court Justices are not appointed for life, but serve "during a term of good behaviour".

A legal case can be made that the [recent] failure of at least two of the justices to recuse themselves on cases where they had either made a public statement of position/taken a publicized action that exemplified a certain position, or, was a case directly related to work done while serving in some other office for the federal government constitutes "bad behaviour" as applied to the term of service clause for Supreme Court Justices.

This would allow Trump an unprecedented opportunity to rebalance the court at the beginning of his administration by making 3 appointments in close succession, shaping the court to be more closely aligned with his policies and the demonstrated public sentiment.

A lot of D.C. Insiders understand this, which is part of the resistance to Trump as candidate for the Repubs, as such a change in the makeup of the court would upset a lot of long term political plans already underway, to the detriment of the Insiders.
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