Trump's Herculean Immigration Challenge

I fear for Trump if he wins. I fear for the wall builders. Democrats are not above assassination or domestic terrorism to achieve their goals.

Our globalist, self-worshiping media will try to make every potential immigrant appear to be a desperate victim that we must let in. Tens of millions of gullible people will believe their lies.

They will try to portray everyone that does not agree as wicked. They will ignore all the potential and known negatives of immigration and exaggerate, lie about the positives.

For example, they always claim immigration increases GDP. It is mostly true but it is deceitful because it is not the whole truth. If total GDP only goes up 5% and population goes up 10%, it means average GDP goes down, the average standard of living goes down.

More of our middle class will have trouble finding and keeping jobs as immigrants willingly work legally and illegally for lower wages.

If immigration is always positive, why not quadruple our population and allow immigration of a billion poor from Africa, India, Indonesia and China? We can more quickly become a third world country run by Democrats that believe they are gods.
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