Trump Must Use His Bully Pulpit To Promote Made In America

Globalism's ultimately about the Communist ideal. A two class society of Elites and a Proletariat that is entirely dependent upon the elites for survival. "Free" trade is the vehicle to achieve that.

A society, like America, that produces no tangible goods and an ever decreasing amount of IP, cannot survive.

Production will be lost to the lowest cost centers, service jobs replaced by BOTs, and you will have a proletariate that is 100% dependent as opposed to say 50% dependent now.

Nationalism isn't inherently against trade. It wants a level playing field of regulations, worker rights etc.

The big difference is cultural a German will pay a little more for a German made good where an American will always buy on price, that culture has to be addressed as well. Made in America needs to be a big concept that trump extolls from the bully pulpit, and backs with federal acquisition.



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