Trump Kills Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership

So glad Trump got elected as the TTP allowed upwards of twenty thousand American based foreign companies to sue TAXPAYERS for any loss of profit caused by any American law.

Not just past profits, but future profits; the decision made by three economists, no appeals, identities kept secret, so all three could be invested in the same company suing taxpayers.

That's TAXPAYERS, not insurance companies, forking over trillions out of their paychecks, to ensure that billion dollar corporations make billions of profits.

That's not "crony capitalism;" that's Crony Corporatism and it had the necessary congressional votes....need to clean D.C.'s stables...who knows how many intended to make laws that affect corporate profits and then split the successful tax payer funded loot with the winners. Probably all of them. 

WaPo can write what they like about how proud they are to have helped the bigot in the White House, polarize the entire country into vicious enemies with the left's phony tribal identities, but Trump's victory was not a victory for any color, gender or religion.

Trump's victory was working America's taxpayer victory, no matter what their colors, cultures, religions, genders or any of the other irrelevant differences the Left has used to buy loyalty votes with violent tribal polarization.
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