Trump Is The Only Real Choice We Have

This story demonstrates what's wrong with the WORLD as a whole, and America completely. We are a pitiful mass of people who've been manipulated since the day we learned to listen to the media.

We've all been carefully spoon fed a daily diet of carefully crafted talking point messages by a very compliant major media, designed to keep us MISINFORMED, and concerned over the trivial. While the WORLD PLAYERS ('powerful politicians', owned by the deepest pockets) are quietly and secretly selling US ALL out.

And when we're made aware of the deceptive nature of it all, it's too unbelievable to comprehend.

As long as the wealthy can purchase politicians so easily, we're a DOOMED PEOPLE. And it doesn't matter what race or nationality we are. In fact, they will use our race, religion, and our nationality against us, whenever it's needed, to bring about a certain political outcome.

And the Clinton's are without a doubt the absolute worst, when it comes to criminal dirty politics. They will say anything, do anything, to gain power and enrich themselves. As Wikileaks has proven.

Trump is NO SAINT, to be sure. But he's not beholden to any special interest for anything. And the very fact that the MSM is so dead set against him, tells me that he is the ONLY REAL CHOICE WE as free people have in this current race.

VOTE TRUMP and screw the D.C. Political machine!
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