Trump Can't Drain The DC Swamp Until He Overhauls The Civil Service Act


The swamp is not the appointees! They can be eliminated for many causes, including, I just wanted to. The swamp is the bureaucracy which is entrenched and protected to excess.

When the first bureaucrat was hired, he was intended to be a "step and fetch it", getting very low pay and was subject to replacement by an incoming administration. He was a political pawn who needed protection.

With the growth of the bureaucracy and government unionization, their pay, on the average, is now higher than the average American worker, but they still retain all the intensive protection of their low paid ancestors to the extent that they can virtually commit insurrection with impunity and can not be touched.

If they cross some lines and prove to be an embarrassment to an administration, they are never fired but always seem to be able to retire with full benefits.

Trey Gowdy's hearings on Benghazi showed this with great clarity.

Some are dedicated Americans but their Unions are highly questionable. The Government Employee Unions main objective is power and its survival.

The drainage of this swamp may require statutes to remove some of their "protections" and put them on equal footing with other workers in the USA.

It will take a very brave congress to effect the necessary changes, as all the debt cards held by this "swamp" will be called in.

When we send weak senators and congressmen/women to Washington, they are the object of indoctrination to re-enforce the power of the bureaucracy and become addicted to "let George (who wasn't elected by anybody) do it", in spite of their generous staff allowances.

This has got to change and drainage of the bureaucratic swamp is absolutely required.

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