Trump Can Revoke Obama's Executive Orders

Obama revoked the Bush administration's Executive Order 13233 and others. Trump has the same prerogative to revoke or modify any, if not all, of Obama administration's, especially any constitutionally suspect, executive orders.

Additionally, and equally importantly, Trump may withdraw, modify, or revoke any and all proposed and final federal regulations of this administration implementing real or fantasy or judge made - same sex marriage ruling or unisex/genderless/sexless bathroom ruling as examples - federal law as well.

This could include withdrawing, modifying or revoking the Obama's administration proposed and final federal regulations banning prayer by private citizens over government funded meals by Agriculture or mandating homosexual and transsexual - deem a form of child abuse - ideological indoctrination of elementary school children of private citizens or transsexual bathroom "rights" by Education, and other such issuances by the various departments and agencies with federal regulation authority.

"Executive orders, presidential memoranda, and proclamations are used extensively by Presidents to achieve policy goals, set uniform standards for managing the executive branch, or outline a policy view intended to influence the behavior [I.e., New Age sexuality, for example} of private citizens. The U.S. Constitution does not define these presidential instruments and does not explicitly vest the President with the authority to issue them. Nonetheless, such orders are accepted as an inherent aspect of presidential power. Moreover, if they are based on appropriate authority, they have the force and effect of law." Congressional Research Service.
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