Trump Can Reverse The Corruption Of America's Courts


"America’s courts only have power as long as people respect and believe and have confidence in the independence and integrity of those courts."

Are they independent? Absolutely, they regard themselves as fully independent of the United States, the Constitution and the law. Do they have integrity? Well, as much as liberal progressives ever do.

Are they non-partisan to the extent that they can be relied upon to give a fair, unbiased, legal decision respecting the Constitution and the law? NO <deleted> WAY!

Still, in eight years, if Trump puts his staff to doing it, he should be able to pack the courts with anti-liberals sufficiently that, relying on the legal precedent the Dem supporting Obama appointees are creating can stymie any future Dem President completely!

And that's what some Dems, the few semi-intelligent ones at least, are beginning to dimly grasp. That in supporting the end runs that Obama made around the Constitution they created precedents that Trump can now use.

Why is the 'Obama legacy' so easy to dismantle, because the Dems never bothered to win the political arguments thinking that executive order meant they could ignore that fusty old constitutional stuff!

It never occurred to them that what could be created by executive order, in the absemce of legislation, could be undone by executive order, because it never had any stronger legal foundation

That's the real irony, the 'smartest person in the room' constitutional lawyer who thought himself smart enough as President to make an end run around a 200+ year old Constitution finds himself on the receiving end of his own treatment of the law and the Constitution. Well, ha, bl**dy ha!

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