Trump Can Fundamentally Transform Government By Changing The Tax Withholding Laws

The withholding tax law makes it nearly impossible for citizens to have an effect. Should we be able to pay our taxes the way we pay our Visa or power bill things would be totally different.

No withholding tax. No FICA by the citizen or his employer. Write a check or pick up the phone or go on line and pay it monthly. Keep the same penalties in place for tax non-payment. 

See how the government becomes responsive to 10 million disgruntled citizens who simultaneously withhold the payment for a month or two. 

It would allow the ultimate act of civil disobedience. Washington DC would become a very different place should that be allowed.

For one, should people actually be made aware of how much of their OWN money is going to the government you would have a tax (spending) revolution. For another, a large group, whoever they are, simply couldn't be arrested and jailed unless you start arresting and jailing small groups of the current civil disobedience demonstrators.

How would it look if say a million people are issues summons for not paying their taxes while 200 people block traffic in city centers because they don't like something else?

This would give real power back to the citizens, all of us, not just those professional rioters who seem to not work as they seem to be able to, say, have a career blocking coal trains or pipelines.
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