Trump Can Defeat The Progressives' Divide-And-Conquer Tactics

Trump has published books and, more recently, policy papers outlining his approach to getting America back on track. The other candidates have been too coy by far to commit unPC specifics to paper; some even drafted in Trump's wake while pretending his ideas were theirs, after Trump survived the media firestorm.

Jeff Sessions supports Trump, and Sessions may be the only honest and intelligent American left in Congress.

Trump is proposing we save our sovereignty, revive our economy, and address our current insolvency. He appears to believe in our civil liberties and wants us to trust in the rule of law, again.

He is a proven successful executive who surrounds himself with the best minds of good character. Sure, he holds some nationalist appeal for those wishing to reclaim our identity and pride as free American citizens, but this appeal, remarkably, is crossing racial, gender, class, and even party, lines.

What a fantastic way to smash the ruinous Progressive divide-and-conquer Marxist tactic of creating and manipulating identity groups.

The other business-as-usual candidates lost the primary and for good reason- their track records, their donors and globalist sympathies, and their refusals to stop the immigration invasion and tackle our sovereign debt debacle.

Many Americans in both parties believe it's too late for the country and that Trump at least voices their grave concerns and offers new policy that might, just might, save us from being subsumed into a global new totalitarianism.
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