Trump Beat Democrats Using Their Own Progressive Play Book

The Democrat playbook calls for ridicule, name calling, rushing to "define" people in order to make them irrelevant.

I am sure that what fuels much of the "hate" for President Elect Trump on the part of Democrats is that he anticipated their tactics and beat them to the crossroads again and again... giving them what they dish out so "liberally" before they had a chance to.

"Crooked Hillary" was a masterpiece of beating them at their own game.

President Elect Trump has weeks and weeks to clean up after rolling in the dirt fighting the Democrats on their own ground. You can bet, however, that the Democrats will never take a shower. That sty and pen is their world of action and debate.

The future President took the fight to the Democrats on their own ground and beat them using their own weapons. I like him for that. He did not limit himself to the Romney-Obama stances of "superiority" or to the Ideology polishing interests of the crowd at "The Weekly Standard."

If you are going to beat the Democrats you are going to have to go up and drag them out of their caves and sties using their own tools against them. THAT is their great hate and fear and puzzlement.
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