Tolerance In The Face Of Mortal Danger Is Not A Virtue

Who is this wimp trying to kid, himself? The Black Lives Matter group and other anti-Caucasian and anti-law and order groups cannot be tolerated. You don't tolerate those who intimidate and commit acts of violence.

The only answer to violence is superior force to crush it. Many of us are fed up with this pandering to these guttermenchen and their constant complaining about the police arresting them for crimes. 

What is it that they don't understand about not stealing, mugging, raping, rioting, looting, and acting in a lawless manner.

No wonder so many people are arming these days, since those in positions of authority renege on their responsibilities to protect and defend law-abiding citizens.

If they continue down this road of appeasement to these antagonistic and lawless groups, they are inviting law-abiding citizens to take matters into their own hands, hands which have no kid gloves on them.

Tolerance in the face of mortal danger to life, limb, and property is no virtue. It's a sign of cowardice and surrender.

Anyone in Washington, State Capitals, and City Halls, who think that people don't have a natural right to defend themselves are sadly mistaken and will regret their cowardly and shameful lack of backbone and honorable leadership.
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