To The SPLC Chanting Death to America Isn't Hate Speech

While it was once a well intended organization fighting the good fight against the KKK, when the big money started rolling in the SPLC became corrupted... It became about the money.

But unfortunately you can't stop people from being stupid with their money and every time the SPLC makes a noise about this or that HATE group, the knee-jerk donations roll in.

Hate is a valuable commodity, after all..Just ask Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton!...

On the SPLC website, which features a large picture of Donald Trump, they have an interactive Hate Group Map, which depicts some nine hundred Hate Groups all across the country. You can conveniently sort by state and by the type of hate group!

The most amazing thing, though, is the complete absence of, or even any mention of, Islamic Terror. Nada, Zip, Nothing. Oh, wait, almost forgot. They do complain that Trump may soon list the Muslim Brotherhood as a Terror Group!

So, apparently they list all of the nine hundred and some odd groups that may, kinda sorta, constitute some kind of threat, but fail to even name the Jihadists, the very people who have repeatedly and openly sworn to kill us all, and who the FBI says have clandestine training camps all over America!

I guess to the SPLC chanting "Death to America" just doesn't rate as Hate Speech. And of course, there is also no mention anywhere on the site about Communists. So, my conclusion? The SPLC has been thoroughly hijacked by the Left. I'll probably make their Hate List just for writing this.



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